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Our work excites curiosity, desire and delight, elevating experience in daily life. We craft each project with great care and deliberation, ultimately aligning the specific needs and unique identities of our clients with the buildings and spaces we create. We highly value collaboration in our work and believe it to be critical for continuity in the design process. We engage consistent dialog with our clients, design teams and project contractors to ensure that the best results are realized through synthesis of budget, program, site and achievement of the best value and architectural quality.


Architecture is about more than constructing buildings - it's about building a comprehensive environment that utilizes your space to its full potential within the given context. At JSA Studio, our multidisciplinary team are true architecture experts and we're proud of the quality that we put into every project we undertake.

As a full-service architecture firm, JSA Studio is committed to a professional realization of your ideas, developing detailed plans and executing them flawlessly. Whether it's a new Area housing complex or institutional building, our desire is to add meaning to our constructions, creating a space that makes sense, both structurally and in terms of spirit.

Our architecture services are not limited to design/build projects. We're also available for a number of other auxiliary services, such as ADA code analysis, feasibility studies, and much more. In addition, we're fully certified, licensed, and capable to complete interior design work, full project management, and landscape architecture project.

When you want a architecture firm that not only understands your vision but can make it happen, JSA Studio is the answer. Contact us at +91 94170 40206.


We are a full-service architectural firm providing design services for new buildings as well as additions to existing buildings. We work closely with clients in every aspect of the project, taking into consideration their design goals, programmatic requirements, and site and budgetary constraints to create buildings that are both functional and beautiful.

Through all stages of the design process, we strive to maintain an open, transparent line of communication with our clients and pride ourselves in delivering projects in an organized and timely manner.


For 20 years, we have specialised in the highest quality refurbishment of luxury residential properties for our discerning clientele. We have established an enviable reputation and, in some instances, are working for the second generation of prominent families on both domestic and international projects.

Our interior designers have proven experience in all aspects of residential design, from cutting-edge apartments to English country houses. We pride ourselves on:

  • Understanding and interpreting clients’ requirements
  • Developing architectural layouts to optimise use of space
  • Highly personalised design and attention to detail


From the early stages of conceptualization to more detailed designs and right on through into construction, having a strong, detailed set of plans is essential. Master planning allows a project to stay on track, keep within a budget, and work steadily toward actualizing the creative vision of the project. Careful planning allows obstacles to be identified and overcome in the early stages before they can derail the project. Careful planning also allows resources such as time, labor, materials, and money to be allocated and utilized as efficiently as possible.

JSA Studio offers a full, comprehensive set of planning services. Our planners will take everything from the characteristics of the soil to the weather conditions and environmental concerns of the area into consideration. Our team of expert architects and designers have the skills and experienced needed to plan all the details of the project. This creates advantages such as:

  • Homes, buildings, and facilities which integrate well with their local community.
  • Structures that are energy efficient.
  • Plans that work toward a well-conceptualized design vision.


JSA Studio has a well-trained valuation team. We provide valuation services for commercial as well as residential properties.

Land valuation is one the most important aspects of the real estate market today. As rapidly increasing migration and development of the urban outskirts continue to reshape the market-place, our clients rely on our ability to deliver unbiased valuations which are derived through systematic procedures in accordance with the stringent guidelines set out by The Government of India, as well as the prevailing and future market trends.

We have been empanneled by various prestigious establishments for conducting valuations for them in an unbiased and truthful manner. Having conducted many such valuations, JSA Studio is one of the most trusted valuers today that enables these esteemed institutes place their trust in us for.


We have extensive experience working with general contractors, preservation specialists, craftsmen and artisans and will assist property owners through all phases of the construction process, from the selection of qualified contractors through construction management services.

We use our experience with comparable projects and current market prices to provide accurate construction cost estimates, bid recommendations and contract negotiations and ensure that the projects progress smoothly and efficiently. Throughout the construction process, we maintain an open line of communication by providing our clients detailed progress reports and project documentation.

  • Full and phased cost estimates
  • Construction management
  • Site safety plan preparation